Writing about your art practice

How do your materials inform your concept? Was the artwork well planned, in your opinion? How is your work unique?

How do you talk about your art practice without being full of #artbollocks ?

Print Email A critique is an endeavour to comprehend an artwork and understand the intent of the artist. Basics Why you are an artist What inspires you.

Make sure not every person is an artist—readers should be able to understand your statement without knowing all the references or terms.

Writing about your artwork

What point is the artist trying to get across, in your opinion? How do you make your work? The more jargon used the more the work appears insecure. Be sincere and intelligent. This includes our weekly Sunday reading blog and tips that are only available to email subscribers.

Critiquing art takes practice. What stands out and draws your eye within the artwork? This simple strategy can kick off the process in a lighthearted and easy way.

Think about contrast, rhythm, balance, proportion, variety, and emphasis. The resulting statement describes that her way of seeing is the result of spending fifteen years as a scuba diving instructor.

Answer only the questions that relate to the artwork being reviewed when writing about art. Each statement should consider the context for the statement. Another strategy is to either interview yourself, or better yet, have a friend interview you.

What collides together and stands out?

Artist Statement

It makes it feel like that work is happening now rather than already achieved.* Begin by writing or typing whatever comes to mind about your art and your experiences as an artist.

Free associate-- words, phrases, broken sentences, anything-- don't bother with organization, grammar or spelling at this point. Artist Statement Guidelines; Sample Artist Statements; GYST Services for Artists.

How your work fits in with the history of art practice. How your work fits into a group exhibition, or a series of projects you have done. Useful when someone is writing about your work in a catalog or magazine.

Our blog has regular new content to help professional artists with all aspects of business and their practice: killarney10mile.com; Writing about your artwork. Art doesn't sell itself! You need to talk about what you do and why you do it. How To Write About Your Work Don't Be Complicated.

How do you talk about your art practice without being full of #artbollocks? Home» Artist Advice and Tips» Writing about Art» How to Write a Critique of Art – Tips.

How to Write an Artist Statement

or want to write about art on an art blog. Is it a good representation of the category of art? Critiquing art takes practice. If you have not critiqued an artwork, why not try critiquing one right now.

Going through this exercise can lead to new ways of thinking about your practice and can propel you towards positive changes. Your artist statement is not a comprehensive description of your work—instead think of the statement as leading into the work.

To help you write an artist statement worthy of your art, we put together this step-by.

Writing about your art practice
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