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Grand Council The Albany Congress formed a committee that was tasked to carefully consider the different plans and proposals. Philadelphia was named as being the nearer the center of the colonies where the Commissioners would be well and cheaply accommodated.

World History Albany Plan of Union The Albany Plan of Union was a proposal made at the Albany Congress back in aimed at a formation of a strong union of the colonies under one single government and direction.

I return return you the loose sheets of the plan, with thanks to your Excellency for write about the albany plan them. I mentioned it write about the albany plan to your Excellency as my opinion that excluding the people of the colonies from all share in the choice of the grand council would probably give extreme dissatisfaction, as well as the taxing them by act of Parliament, where they have no representative.

Johansen, " The Forgotten Founders: In short, as we are not suffered to regulate our trade and restrain the importation and consumption of British superfluities, as Britain can the consumption of foreign superfluities, our whole wealth centers finally amongst the merchants and inhabitants of Britain; and if we make them richer, and enable them better to pay their taxes, it is nearly the same as being taxed ourselves and equally beneficial to the crown.

James DeLancey, acting governor of New York, sent a special invitation to Hendrick to attend the Albany Conference see figure 15where the aging Mohawk sachem provided insights into the structure of the League of the Iroquois for the assembled colonial delegates.

Acknowledging the tendency of royal colonial governors to override colonial legislatures and pursue unpopular policies, the Albany Plan gave the Grand Council greater relative authority. It would now be thought hard by act of Parliament to oblige the Cinque Ports or seacoasts of Britain to maintain the whole navy, because they are more immediately defended by it, not allowing them at the same time a vote in choosing members of the Parliament; 3 and if the frontiers of America bear the expense of their own defense, it seems hard to allow them no share in voting the money, judging of the necessity and sum, or advising the measures.

Albany Plan of Union

Carl Van Doren and Julian P. Power of President General and Grand Council. That all military commission officers, whether for land or sea service, to act under this general constitution, shall be nominated by the President General; but the approbation of the Grand Council is to be obtained, before they receive their commissions.

During this time, men such as Benjamin Franklin saw in the Iroquois Confederacy a model on which to build.

Colonial Records of Pennsylvania Harrisburg: At that time his famous "Albany Plan," somewhat modified from his original proposals, was unanimously accepted and recommended to the British and colonial governments Complete Works Since the conversation your Excellency was pleased to honor me with, on the subject of uniting the colonies more intimately with Great Britain, by allowing them representatives in Parliament, I have something further considered that matter and am of opinion that such a union would be very acceptable to the colonies, provided they had a reasonable number of representatives allowed them; and that all the old acts of Parliament restraining the trade or cramping the manufactures of the colonies be at the same time repealed, and the British subjects on this side the water.

The engraving purported to show Iroquois in council.

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Yale University Press,IV, p. This kept each of the colonies very diverse and independent from each other. The European rivalry for the fur trade in the seventeenth century made many American Indian nations and especially, the Iroquois, a pivotal group in North America, see George T.

Great part of the way may likewise be gone by water.

Albany Plan

Hendrick converted to Christianity and became a Mohawk preacher sometime after However, the salient imagery and concepts contained in the Parker version can be detected in much earlier historical documents.

That the powers, proposed by the Albany Plan of Union to be vested in a grand council representative of the people, even with regard to military matters, are not so great as those the colonies of Rhode Island and Connecticut are intrusted with by their charters and have never abused; for, by this plan, the president-general is appointed by the crown and controls all by his negative; but in those governments the people choose the governor and yet allow him no negative.

Particular colonies are so interested in the trade as not to be willing to admit such a regulation as might be best for the whole; and therefore it was thought best under a general direction. The vacancies were thought best supplied by the governors in each province, till a new appointment can be regularly made; otherwise the service might suffer before the meeting of the President General and grand council.

That for these purposes they have power to make laws, and lay and levy such general duties, imports, or taxes, as to them shall appear most equal and just, considering the ability and other circumstances of the inhabitants in the several colonies, and such as may be collected with the least inconvenience to the people; rather discouraging luxury, than loading industry with unnecessary burthens.

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On the other side of the line, many personalities in the British government are never in favor of a consolidation of additional power at their disposal. We are obliged to carry a great part of our produce directly to Britain; and where the duties laid upon it lessen its price to the planter, or it sells for less than it would in foreign markets, the difference is a tax paid to Britain.The Albany Plan of Union was a plan to create a unified government for the Thirteen Colonies, suggested by Benjamin Franklin, then a senior leader (age 48) and a delegate from Pennsylvania, at the Albany Congress on July 10, in Albany, New York.

The Albany Plan of Union was a proposal introduced by Benjamin Franklin during the Albany Congress in Franklin’s plan called for the formation of a permanent federation of colonies, as a means to reform colonial-imperial relations, and to more effectively address shared colonial interests.

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Work plans, whether 87%(). Albany Plan of Union, The Albany Plan of Union was a plan to place the British North American colonies under a more centralized government.

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Next, pass out an excerpt from The Albany Plan of Union (Attached). Read the excerpt in class together and have students write down “Chapter Titles,” or the main idea from each paragraph. Explain the document and go over several students’ chapter titles.

Write about the albany plan
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