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I suspended a Nikon D4 over a swimming pool with a jib and a tether. I started by importing images into Lightroom and stitched 12 images together using the Merge to Panorama function. Though not the most flexible tool, channel masking can be employed for some complicated masking situations.

Hit the jump to see the full review. He owes much of his visibility in the photography community to social media, but the foundation of his success lies in his creativity and passion for his craft.

Lightroom workflow — Von Wong explains his Lightroom workflow from beginning to end. The shortcuts will be presented in three categories: The image took me about a month to build.

He captures popular behind-the-scenes videos of his creative process. I did not watch them all yet, but the ones I did watch were a huge push to my understanding how to use Photoshop.

In essence, the images create themselves according to who is viewing them. He captures viewers with a hyper-realistic art style: One of my recommendations for new photographers: A lot of tutorials are explaining how Lightroom works and what each of the buttons and sections do, and while they deliver the information they are not very engaging.

I collaborated with a variety of artists throughout Europe such as pyrotechnicians, underwater film crews, and paraplegic Olympians. Brush Customization — Covering basic brush functions such as opacity and fill, brush customization, as well as hardness and softness.

If you want to either have a go or to better understand what you saw in the tutorial, Ben includes 6 full PSDs that you can open and go over them layer by layer and pixel peep over every little detail.

I would probably pay this just for the live edits even if there were no Lightroom and Photoshop sections. He reveals the presets he uses to achieve optimal playback for Facebook, drafts for clients, watermarking, and full size images for cloud backups.

Conclusion This is definitely a tutorial set you would want to get. I wanted to participate in a video competition organized by Fstoppers, so I created a video on the reasons to use flour instead of smoke to accent light in photos; that video garnered 5, views. Wanting to connect people, Benjamin Von Wong has a special affinity for finding the talents who can bring his complex stories to life.

I realized the importance of posting regularly and focusing on creating unique content. Intro to Masking — Learn everything you need to know about layer masks in Photoshop:Benjamin Von Wong is an online personality and conceptual photographer known for his hyper-realist art style.

He is currently a Wacom Ambassador, Broncolor GenNext Ambassador and Fujifilm X photographer. He is also notable for creating several viral Social Media campaigns, including the most funded GoFundMe campaign which raised over USD $2M for Eliza O'Neill, a sufferer of Sanfilippo.

Benjamin Von Wong - A viral creative focused on telling epic stories through his surreal photography and videography experiences. Enter and explore his unique universe.

Von Wong was born from an engineering background, providing a unique skill set in the virtuosity of problem solving. His notable education in visual construction and self taught understanding of light, has unsurprisingly deemed Benjamin, a master to many in his craft.

Von Wong: Maintaining my social media engagement is a significant part of my job as a photographer.

Benjamin Von Wong

My own social network consists of more than 35, Facebook fans, 10, Twitter followers, 20, YouTube subscribers, and a blog that attracts more than 30, views a month. Jul 18,  · Vonwong "Von Wong" "Benjamin Von Wong" photography photographer "VonWong Photos" UV "UltraViolet" "Ultra Violet Shoot" "UV photoshoot" "ultraviolet insanities" amazing beautiful "photo shoot" "von.

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Video Editing + Marketing Von Wong's work with Dell Von Wong partnered with Dell to bring awareness to the e-waste problem and to highlight Dell’s recycling program.

Von wong editing services
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