The day that changed my perspective in life

It changed my perspective on not only how I The day that changed my perspective in life my life, but how I treat others and plan for my own success.

How One Book Changed My Perspective On Life

I knew of a used bookstore downtown and decided to take a mid-afternoon trek to fill some of my abundant time. Weekend is free, enjoy a hobby.

I stood in the section for quite awhile skimming chapters and digesting small bits of insight here and there. Suddenly, I turned a corner and found myself in a U-shaped corridor brimming with self-help books. Very short of that, the author answered the question by simply stating the purpose of life is to become the best-version-of-yourself…emotionally, spiritually, physically, and intellectually.

When I tell people about the 30th reunion, I tell them it was magical; life altering. Today, I always find myself thinking about how I can become the best-version-of-me. I wanted to buy my own clothes and have my hair styled by someone other than my mother.

I wandered the aisles occasionally flipping through topics of interest, but soon realized this endeavor was not shaving off much of my day. Short on cash, learn to budget. Not an earth shattering concept, but I had never framed my life in the context of always making sure I was becoming the best-version-of-myself.

The ballroom at the Pere Marquette was electric with laughter, people hugging, everybody mingling. At the bottom of one shelf I happened upon a book on the topic of intimacy. Drinks in hand, backs against a wall we talked for hours about life since graduation, guys, and books.

Relationships are strained, reflect and reconcile. Life seems dull, find a passion. The first chapter spoke to me as if the book was written just for me.

Then later in life, two events changed my mind. When, despite my skepticism, I decided to attend the 30th, I vowed to come to the party open minded, and to have fun. We had so much fun together making fun of Edna our German teacher.

I have talents, ambition, and an unquenchable thirst for getting the most out of life, but never really harnessed those life attributes into a devoted purpose. Loneliness creeping in, meet new people. The shop was an eclectic mix of post-it notes directing consumer traffic and stale air unique only to old books and nursing homes.

Feeling unpopular, and being made the butt of jokes made me sad, and caused me to withdraw, and probably kept me from trying out for things like leads in plays or maybe evening homecoming queen.

I viewed my entire 7th through 12th grade experience in Peoria as a bust. At my 30th reunion with the guys from my German class Following the official party in a bar across the street from the Pere Marquette, I found myself talking to four guys from my German classes.

And since I was coming off a recent end to an otherwise healthy relationship I thought I may need to tweak my mindset…so I began to browse.

Not a subject you talk about around the dinner table, so I was intrigued enough to give it a peek.

How Two Events Changed My Perspective on Life

And the reunion had a Facebook page. Inmy family moved to Peoria, IL. Be it learning a new hobby, reading a great book, volunteering for a cause I support, meeting new people, getting in a great workout, counseling a friend, laughing off some stress, or reflecting on how I can continue my own personal success, I always think about my purpose…my story.

After fully reading a few paragraphs into the book I slowly looked up from the pages and gazed around the room wondering if I was in the middle of a very, very elaborate ruse.

Work is unfulfilling, cultivate a new skill.A few years ago my entire life changed, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I decided that I had reached a point in my life where I wasn’t happy and needed to make massive changes.

14 Ways I Completely Changed My Life And So Can You. Home; Success. One of the best things I did was get back time in my day by not watching. some of my cultural conditioning and giving me a wider perspective on life. The more time day was prepared for am, less them two hours after finishing the first meal!

I The Day that Changed my Life - Lokamitra page 4 of 8. Why can't I change my perspective on life? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 5 Answers. Deepak Syal, Here is a nice story I read the other day which explains this very swiftly.

Ducks Quack, Eagles Soar How has your perspective about life. I Worked Out With Carrie Underwood For A Day & It Totally Changed My Perspective On Fitness felt better after a sweat sesh in my life.

It provided me with a totally different perspective on the world and how large and extended one’s family can really be; even across cultures and continents. The Event That Changed My Life Essay Words | 3 Pages The Day That Changed My Life Words | 5 Pages.

It changed my perspective on not only how I live my life, but how I treat others and plan for my own success. I promptly bought the book and spent the rest of my day reading it cover to cover. The title of this blog is “How One Book Changed My Perspective on Life,” and you don’t share the name of the book or the author?


The day that changed my perspective in life
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