Should cell phones banned while driving essay

The study concluded that while driving conditions and time on task were controlled for the impairments, the impairments associated with using a cell phone while driving can profound as those associated with drunken driving Jenny T.

Undesired Situation by Using Cell phones during Driving Billions of people throughout the world are using cell phones in daily routine life. Furthermore, using FMs on cell phones can provide information about weather and traffic. Using cell phones make it difficult to keep an eye on the outside events.

This evidence strongly discourages the use of cell phones while driving. Cell phones not only facilitate business and personal convenience they also provide comfort and safety. The problem is when a car swerves unexpectedly or pedestrian step into traffic, and the mind lacks the processing power to react in time.

Moreover, they use arguments that cell phones are necessary in emergency situations. Gravelle, The main advantage to avoid using cell phone during driving is ensuring safety of driver, vehicle, and other people driving on the road. The perception, vision, general awareness, and concentration of the driver are impacted while communicating on a cell phone during driving.

Studies have highlighted those drivers using cell phones react slowly and often make wrong decision causing serious accidents involving other vehicles also. Mishap and misfortunes can happen in a split in a second especially when texting messages, receiving a call or dialing a number hence the lack of concentration puts risk of accident.

Business issues can be stressful and dangerous while driving because it can cause emotional reactions that can lead to tragedy. The concern of the usage of cell phones while driving has underscored by the growing number of communities that are contemplating bans on cell phones use while driving.

Because of the conversation they might get upset and this can lower their driving ability that can lead to lose control over the car. A study on magnetic resonance imaging MRIto establish the impact of auditory language comprehension on the brain activity while individuals performed a simulated driving task, it showed a reduced brain activity in the cortical area responsible for driving.

By making conversation, writing messages, or just playing with the mobile increases the chances of accidents. Cell phones support in making a direct contact with person effectively and without wastage of any time.

Bencardino, Simon Blease, The major drawback of using cell phones during driving is that it distracts attention of driver.An outline for my essay Paragraph 1: I.

Thesis: Cell phones should be banned while driving Paragraph 2: Using cell phone would make drivers have less control of the vehicles, however some people are able to multitask without causing any danger%(2). A study from the Harvard Center of Risk Analysis estimates that cell phone use while driving contributes to 6 percent of crashes, which equates tocrashes,injuries, 12, serious injuries and 2, deaths each year and a tab of $43 billion, according to a statement from the NSC today.

Everyday people die in car accidents because they use cell phones while driving. According to research cell phones are leading factors that cause accidents.

Argument Essay on the Use of Cell Phones while Driving

Studies show that a cell phone put drivers at a four time greater risk of a crush. Despite of a danger, people still use cell phones because they want to be always available and keep in touch with other people%(88). Ban Cell Phone Use While Driving in Texas Essay - Cell phone use including hands-free should be banned in Texas.

People claim they never use their cell phones while driving, but in reality they do.

Cell-phones while driving argumentative essay

Cell Phones while Driving essay writing service, custom Cell Phones while Driving papers, term papers, free Cell Phones while Driving samples, research papers, help a country with the safest roads in the world even when they banned cell phones whilst driving the umber of accidents still remained the same.

In addition the use of a mobile. Cell Phone Should Never Be Used While Driving. Cell Phones Should Never Be Used While Driving Cell phones should never be used while driving no matter what the circumstances are. There are many reasons why it should be banned. It causes the driver to think about something other than driving.

It causes the driver to have to look away from the road to dial, answer, etc.

Should cell phones banned while driving essay
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