Sex selective abortion

Frontline, April 27, A year-old schoolboy ran away from home when his parents refused to kill the twin girls born to them rather late in their life - he did not want to shoulder the responsibility of marrying them off later in life! The American public is clearly in overwhelming opposition to the practice of aborting children based on sex as evidenced by the Sex selective abortion.

The implications of this stance are that, as a nation, we should be concerned with prenatal sex-discrimination only when the problem becomes so extreme that the birth ratios match those of other countries with extreme bias.

This, said Shah, is where the government should consider stepping in. Based on this natural ratio, there should have been Sex selective abortion million more boys than girls born since Maternal ill health during pregnancy causes males fetuses to spontaneously abort more than females.

As Charles Donovan and Nora Sullivan of the Charlotte Lozier Institute CLI pointed out ininduced abortion reporting is not mandatory in the United States, thus, it cannot accurately inform the national policy discussion on abortion procedure reform.

Such discrimination also presents the complex ethical questions of birthing children merely to fulfill parental preferences and expectations. The paper found that the skewing of gender ratios in firstborn children was stronger in Punjab, where the sex ratio at birth SRB wasthan in Haryana with SRB In Western nations, relatively pricey PGD and noninvasive prenatal testing procedures are gaining wider use and popularity, but those instances do little to diminish the existence of abortions performed for reasons of sex selection.

The Necessity of Sex-Selective Abortion Restrictions Even the UNFPA and other global organizations have acknowledged the serious implications of male-biased sex selection and advocated taking steps to remedy the problem. The Hindu, May 12, "What is better, having an unwanted daughter or none at all?

A kind of — potential social instability that that breeds. Description Selective reduction is usually performed between nine and 12 weeks of pregnancy and is most successful when performed in early pregnancy. Kasperowicz May 31, Additionally, if these clinics were so openly willing to perform sex-selective procedures, we can only guess at the magnitude of the actual problem when we consider the large number of abortion clinics around the country and the competitive pressures between them.

Individuals seeking an abortion for any reason should consider the ethical implications whether it be because the fetus is not the preferred sex or because the fetus would be born with a severe birth defect. Regulation of prenatal diagnostic techniques e.

The doctor there had refused to carry out the procedure, citing the advanced stage of pregnancy. Urban India has higher child sex ratio than rural India according toand Census data, implying higher prevalence of sex selective abortion in urban India.

Moreover, the laws purport to solve a problem that may not exist at all in the United States. Highly skewed ratios exist in Europeans countries as well — particularly in the Caucasus. A Few Benefits and Many Concerns. We then controlled for life expectancy and calculated the expected natural sex-ratio for each country in each given year.

This might seem like an insignificant difference, but it matters a lot.

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Reversal of sex discrimination in the United States begins with implementing sex-selective abortion bans, considering regulations of preimplantation sex selection, and instituting national abortion reporting requirements. This is beyond perverse.

BreakPoint: Planned Parenthood vs. Little Girls

Prohibition of the advertisement of any techniques used for sex selection as well as those used for sex determination. We can turn the tide of prenatal discrimination by first acknowledging the obvious, that prenatal sex-discrimination in all its forms is unethical and unacceptable.

While it is legally permissible to abort a fetus at risk of serious physical or mental disabilities, it is not permissible to select a fetus of a sex which is less likely to suffer from a sex-linked disease. The commentary on two new Canadian studies that examined the incidence of sex-selective abortion among immigrant populations in Canada, suggests that people in countries that have banned the practice may be taking advantage of the lax regulation in the U.

A study by John Bongaarts of the Population Council, a New York think-tank, uses surveys in 61 countries to calculate the sex ratios that would result if parents had the number of sons and daughters they wanted. We all know it is very costly to marry off a girl whereas the marriage of a son brings back whatever has been spent on him since his birth.

Ramuthai, of Uthapanaickanoor, near Usilampatti in Madurai district, on Tuesday. Over the last 14 years, there were an average of 4, abortions every day. An ingrained cultural preference or belief can still permeate the lives of people in prosperous, free societies. Prevention of the misuse of such techniques for sex selection, before or after conception.Jul 20,  · Sex-selective abortion An Indian mother registers at a family planning clinic Modern medicine allows parents to learn the sex of a baby before it is born, and in some cultures this can lead to a.

Planned Parenthood vs. Little Girls: Sex-Selective Abortion in America As John makes clear, true feminists fight for the rights of all women–born and unborn.

Sex-selective abortion

All Christians should take a stand against any abortions–sex-selective included–whether they’re male or. Protect Girls from Sex-Selective Abortion The Problem According to UN statistics, there are million girls missing around the world.

Where have they gone? Many of them are left on the sides of roads, drowned, maimed and thrown in trash bins. But even more of them have been aborted. The reason? They were girls, not [ ]. This Law Library of Congress' report analyses laws on the subject of sex selection and abortion in India.

skip navigation. Library of Congress Back to Sex Selection & Abortion. these technologies began to be misused for sex-selective abortions.

A new report published by a "pro-life" group suggests that prenatal sex discrimination through selective abortion “occurs globally” and is also a. 4 days ago · British politicians have called for a review of the availibilty of early sex detection tests for pregnant women.

UK politicians call for action against sex-selective abortion

The proposal was made by Labour Members of Parliament and prompted by concerns that.

Sex selective abortion
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