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That solemn compact simply had to be kept, or what confidence could any one have Scrap paper engagements given by Great Britain in the future?

This loss of time would have meant time gained by the Russians for bringing up their troops to the German frontier. Has the British Government thought of that?

scrap paper

He held Great Britain responsible for all the terrible events that might happen. I pointed out to Herr von Jagow that this fait Scrap paper of the violation of the Belgian frontier rendered, as he would readily understand, the situation exceedingly grave, and I asked him whether there was not still time to draw back and avoid possible consequences, which both he and I would deplore.

What we had done was unthinkable; it was like striking a man from behind while he was fighting for his life against two assailants. His Excellency at once began a harangue, which lasted for about twenty minutes.

Origin of the Term

I found the Chancellor very Scrap paper. In a short conversation which ensued Herr von Jagow expressed his poignant regret at the crumbling of his entire policy and that of the Chancellor, which had been to make friends with Great Britain, and then, through Great Britain, to get closer to France.

It was a matter of life and death for them, as if they had gone by the more southern route they could not have hoped, in view of the paucity of roads and the strength of the fortresses, to have got through without formidable opposition entailing great loss of time.

Herr von Jagow at once replied that he was sorry to say that his answer must be "No," as in consequence of the German troops having crossed the frontier that morning, Belgian neutrality had been already violated. I then said that I should like to go and see the Chancellor [von Bethmann-Hollweg], as it might be, perhaps, the last time I should have an opportunity of seeing him.

Herr von Jagow again Scrap paper into the reasons why the Imperial Government had been obliged to take this step, namely, that they had to advance into France by the quickest and easiest way, so as to be able to get well ahead with their operations and endeavor to strike some decisive blow as early as possible.

He replied that, for the reasons he had given me, it was now impossible for them to draw back Rapidity of action was the great German asset, while that of Russia was an in exhaustible supply of troops. He begged me to do so.

All his efforts in that direction had been rendered useless by this last terrible step, and the policy to which, as I knew, he had devoted himself since his accession to office had tumbled down like a house of cards.

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scrap paper scratch paper Translations وَرَقٌ مُسَوَّدَة papír na poznámky kasseret papir Schmierpapier παλιόχαρτο papel para apuntes jätepaperi papier brouillon stari papir ritagli di carta くず紙 메모 용지 kladpapier kladdepapir makulatura papel de rascunho макулатура kladdpapper กระดาษทด.

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Dec 05,  · Andrew Marc Greene e-mails: "My son's fourth-grade class was debating whether paper on which one scribbles offhand notes is scrap paper or scratch paper describes where it comes from.

Scrap paper
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