Risks for heart disease essay

Men are generally at greater risk of heart disease. A family history of heart disease increases your risk of coronary artery disease, especially if a parent developed it at an early age before age 55 for a male relative, such as your brother or father, and 65 for a female relative, such as your mother or sister.

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Conditions that Increase Risk for Heart Disease

Uncontrolled high blood pressure can result in hardening and thickening of your arteries, narrowing the vessels through which blood flows.

Check for high blood pressure. This is called a coronary angiogram. ShareCompartir High blood pressure is major risk factor for heart disease. A stent may then be placed across the previously narrowed segment of artery to prevent it from narrowing again.

Do they get better with rest? Atherosclerosis can cause a heart attack.

Heart Disease (Cardiovascular Disease, CVD)

Heart failure can result from many forms of heart disease, including heart defects, cardiovascular disease, valvular heart disease, heart infections or cardiomyopathy.

The high pressure, if not controlled, can affect your heart and other major organs of your body, including your kidneys and brain. Both conditions share similar risk factors, such as obesity and high blood pressure. These are questions that may help decide wither the angina is stable, progressing, or becoming unstable.

Heart attacks are more common in smokers than in nonsmokers. In the case of unstable angina, symptoms may arise at rest or wake the patient from sleep.

Excess weight typically worsens other risk factors. If we take in more cholesterol than the body can use, the extra cholesterol can build up in the walls of the arteries, including those of the heart.

It is a medical condition that occurs when the pressure of the blood in your arteries and other blood vessels is too high. Do the symptoms wake the patient? Not regularly washing your hands and not establishing other habits that can help prevent viral or bacterial infections can put you at risk of heart infections, especially if you already have an underlying heart condition.

If an aneurysm bursts, you may face life-threatening internal bleeding. A stroke is a medical emergency — brain tissue begins to die within just a few minutes of a stroke. Atherosclerosis also can lead to peripheral artery disease.

Progressive angina would find the patient stating that the symptoms are brought on by less activity than previously. Aging increases your risk of damaged and narrowed arteries and weakened or thickened heart muscle.

If you have one of these conditions, you can take steps to control it and lower your risk.Essay about Cardiovascular Disease - The leading cause of death in the United States is a heart and blood vessel disease called Cardiovascular Disease.

Heart (cardiovascular) disease (CVD, heart disease) is a variety of types of conditions that affect the heart, for example, coronary or valvular heart disease; cardiomyopathy, arrhythmias, and heart infections.

Risk factors are conditions or habits that make a person more likely to develop a disease. They can also increase the chances that an existing disease will get worse. Important risk factors for heart disease that you can do something about are: Some risk factors, such as age and family history of.

Some risk factors for heart disease can be controlled, and some can't. According to the American Heart Association, these are the leading factors. Knowledge is power. Understand the risks you face for heart attack.

Extensive research has identified factors that increase a person’s risk for coronary heart disease in general and heart attack in particular. The more risk factors you have, and the greater the degree of each risk factor, the.

Even when glucose levels are under control, diabetes increases the risk of heart disease and stroke, but the risks are even greater if blood sugar is not well controlled. At least 68% of people >65 years of age with diabetes die of .

Risks for heart disease essay
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