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I admire Patch Adams for his courage, his efforts on bringing smile to faces, and his ideals regarding the health care system. The situations in which a Reaction essay is written and the reaction essay topics may cover response to certain shocking issues. Bivek Singh Patch Adams is a hero of science and a noble being of the field of medicine.

As the film progresses, Patch decides to continue his dream while Dean Walcott fights to have him thrown out of school. A hero is not just anyone.

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For salvation comes from the Latin word salus i. But I guarantee you, when you treat a person, what ever the outcome, you always win. In school, Patch is a smart and gifted student who wants not so much to get the medical terminology and textbook knowledge but to get to the heart of healing: For WHO, health is the complete state of well-being, physically, psychologically, mentally, emotionally, socially, spiritually and not just an absence of disease or infirmity.

As the movie continues, in a tragic turn of events, Patch was challenged by the death of Carin at the hands of a patient named Larry whom they were treating at their unauthorized clinic.

He has a great confidence level, the spark he has in his eyes and his face show passion and strong emotions for what he is stating; his eyes connect to the council and the audience, his voice is strong and secure. The rest your points make up the body of the Reaction essay supporting your thesis statement.

For we know that, each one of us, one way or the other is sick, whether physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, economically, or spiritually. At the beginning of the speech his tone of voice is humble, asking for understanding.

It was a victory won by faith, hope, and love over and against cynicism, caution, and aloof detachment. The conflict between Patch and Dean Walcott would also be somehow compared to the conflict experience between Jesus and the Pharisees.

Also in the hospital, he realized his passion; he became self-aware of himself that he meant for something more than just living his life, something bigger like healing people with laughter.

The patients in the hospital changed him, especially one of them.

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Most importantly I appreciate and admire his self-awareness. Reaction college essay normally focuses on facts and figures and of course the conclusion. We have to learn to treat the patient, and not just the condition.

Patch Adams

Later in the asylum, through the help of one of the patients, he came to realize his presence and the meaning of his life. Quite notably for me are the similarities in the movie with the gospel narratives about Jesus.

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Critical Reflection "When you treat a disease, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. So, he decided that he wanted to build a hospital.

So, finally he set his foot forth toward his ambition in life and is still devoted… Social Share. Patch begins interacting with patients at the university hospital, even though students are not supposed to see patients until their third year of schooling.

And I consider Patch Adams as one of them. The call is to focus on the person who sinned and not on the sins one committed. Students are often assigned reaction essay where the teacher wants to check their critical thinking ability and enhance their ability to sequence their thought logically.

In this scene Patch, emotionally devastated after the loss and blaming himself for the death of Carin decided to quit and goes to a cliff where he confronts God.

Such humane attitudes and actions are very Christian and should pervade in all of us.

Patch Adams speech critique assignment.

The success of the Reaction essay lies in the balancing of these according to their relevance. To see patients not as mere objects but as human beings with feelings, Reaction paper patch adams essays, dreams and aspiration.

He was even admitted to a mental hospital for some time in his lifetime. These are normally custom reaction essay that can be professionally written that will suit your specific topic and purpose.

Two years later, after leaving the institution, he enrolls into medical school and quickly makes friends with another student, Truman and shares his dream with him.

He Is also dressed up properly, wearing a comfortable suit which makes him look relaxed and confident. Applauses Implying support and agreement.Home Essays Patch Adams Reflection. Patch Adams Reflection. Topics: Reaction Paper Patch Adams Hunter Adams got his nickname Patch Adams There are many drastic differences between the extremely respectable communication of the magnanimous Patch Adams and the almost cataclysmic communication of the normal.

Apr 10,  · The movie Patch Adams reminds me of the personalistic approach of Jesus towards the sinners. He condemns sins but loves the sinner; treating the patient as well as the disease.

Quite notably for me are the similarities in the movie with the gospel narratives about Jesus. Patch Adams is a very touching, sad yet inspiring story where you can learn a lot of lessons.

It is a story about Hunter Adams who committed himself to an asylum for being suicidal. While in the asylum, he discovered his desire to. Oct 30,  · Patch Adams Patch Adams in a mental hospital seeking help for his suicidal depression.

Patch Words: — Pages: 6 Gawande Reaction Paper Gawande Reaction Paper Atul Gawandes book title Better gives you a strong hint about the nature and purpose of what the author is going. Patch Adams, the person, would have, if I had Robin’s money, given all $21 million to a free hospital in a country where 80 million cannot get care.

” However, in another interview, Adams did clarify that he did not dislike Williams and Williams has actively supported St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for several years.

In order to write a reaction paper, you need to respond to one or more readings.

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What this means is that you have to read and understand each assigned text as well as research the topic area. Writing a response paper is a more demanding process than it normally appears because it does not suffice to discuss the content and leave it at that.

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