Importance of human resource development

Ten Reasons Why the Human Resources Department Is Important

From the perspective of a small business, creating a cohesive work environment is imperative. Performance Improvement Human resources develops performance management systems.

Companies in the beginning or growth phases can benefit from identifying training needs for existing staff. For small businesses, in particular, human capital is critical because so many smaller firms have employees who perform cross-functional duties.

Becoming an employer of choice means human resources balances recruiting the most qualified applicants, selecting the most suitable candidates and retaining the most talented employees. With carefully designed employee surveys, focus groups and an exit interview strategy, human resources determines what underlies employee dissatisfaction and addresses those issues to motivate employees.

With a well-constructed recruitment and selection process, the human resources function can minimize expenses regarding advertising job postings, training new employees and enrolling new employees in benefits plans.

Cost Savings The cost to hire new or replacement workers, including training and ramp-up time, can be exorbitant for employers, especially small businesses. Corporate Image Businesses want to be known as the "employer of choice. A human resources manager or a staff person specially trained to handle employee relations matters can identify and resolve conflict between two employees or a manager and employee and restore positive working relationships.

Conflict Resolution Workplace conflict is inevitable, given the diversity of personalities, work styles, backgrounds and levels of experience among employees. Human Capital Value Having an in-house human resources function is important. Sustaining Business Through succession planning that human resources develops, the company identifies employees with the promise and requisite capabilities to eventually transition into leadership roles with the company.

As some small businesses have budget constraints, this human resources function is especially helpful. Budget Control Human resources curbs excessive spending through developing methods for trimming workforce management costs, which includes negotiating better rates for benefits such as health care coverage.

The first opportunity human resources has to accomplish this is through wise hiring decisions that identify desirable professional traits, as well as orientation and on-boarding programs. In addition, human resources ensures competitive and realistic wage-setting based on studying the labor market, employment trends and salary analysis based on job functions.

Employee Satisfaction Human resources specialists usually are charged with the responsibility of determining the level of employee satisfaction -- often an ambiguous measurement at best.Human resource development meaning and Importance yunusrock Human resource notes, MBA Notes Human resource development (HRD) is a.

Debates about the importance of Human Resources Management occur daily in workplaces. Some employees regard HR as the policing, traumatizing, systematizing arm of executive management. These employees see HR staff as gatekeepers, people who hold little interest in employee concerns.

Human Resource Development includes such opportunities as employee training, employee career development, performance management and development, coaching, mentoring, succession planning, key employee identification, tuition assistance, and organization development.

CHAPTER 1 PART A HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING -CONCEPT, SCOPE AND SIGNIFICANCE Introduction Of all the factors of production, human is by far the most important. Human Resource Development Training deals with issues related to compensation, performance management, organisation development, safety, wellness, benefits, employee motivation, training and others.

The focus of all aspects of Human Resource Development is on developing the most superior workforce so that the organization. Published: Thu, 11 Jan INTRODUCTION. It is often debated and generally accepted that human resource development (HRD) activities are important in an organisation.

Importance of human resource development
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