Homosexuals seeking equal rights not special

The Labour party conference in endorsed the idea, and many gay activists want this proposal to be at the forefront of gay campaigns.

No one can see why seeing eye to eye between heterosexuals and homosexuals is so difficult and may never happen. There is no easy or permanent solution to anti-gay discrimination. Race is a condition.

There is now a debate between victim and power feminism, between those who portray women as victims who need the protection against men, and these who emphasise the power and potential power of women. Years ago African-American existence was denied, their history ignored, bashing existed and discrimination took a big part of their lives.

Every person has an equal right to be free from interference by the state and others, in aspects such as freedom of speech, freedom of contract and freedom of association. Brian Mickelthwait, Gay and Lesbian Rights: In the process, the public interest is ignored.

Homosexuals Seeking Equal Rights Not Special Rights

Fourthly, they deny the free exercise of religion. In the twentieth century homosexuality took a turn around. The distinction between private and public should be ownership, not who goes there.

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When it came about in society many religions thought it as sinful. One example is the minimum wage which will discourage employers from taking on inexperienced workers whose job productivity is difficult to predict.

He was found late the next day by two bikers, 18 hours after the attack. Economist February 6,pp. Conclusion Discrimination against people simply because of their sexual orientation exists and is wrong, but it is not the role of the law to correct every wrong.

As Andrew Sullivan of the New Republic noted, "By legislating homosexuals as victims, it sets up a psychological dynamic that too often only perpetuates cycles of inadequacy and self-doubt".

Employers would become legally responsible for the speech of their own employees, as in the case of the Irish worker compensated for the anti-Irish jibes of his fellow workers.

So how do states get away with discriminating against homosexuals? Many are advocating that the priority should be anti-discrimination laws.Gays: Seeking Equal Rights Not Special Rights On October 6, two men took Matthew Shepard, a gay college student, about a mile outside of Laramie Wyoming.

Essay on Homosexuals Seeking Equal Rights Not Special Rights Society needs to know that homosexuals are fighting for civil rights, not special rights. They want to be treated equal in the workplace, in housing and in public accommodations.

Homosexuals seek Equal Rights, not Special killarney10mile.com when did America have special rights? I thought all of us were supposed to be equal before the law.

'Equal Rights, not Special Rights' has unfortunately become a slogan of the Christian Right. However they do not mean it, as is demonstrated by their opposition to an equal age of consent. Gays, and all those committed to equality under the law, must restate and recapture this principled position.

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Gays are not asking for "special rights". This is a lie promulgated by the religious right, because they know that they can't win this argument by arguing against equal treatment.

It goes contrary to the basic values of fairness held by most Americans (of whom 85% oppose discrimination against gays).

Homosexuals seeking equal rights not special
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