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However, most of us agree now that therapist values are inescaple e. Ethics In no more than 3, words you are required to complete an essay on ethical issues in the practice of counseling, by addressing the following question: Slife and Richards fought back by arguing that withholding discussions on religion itself is already an imposition of the value that there is no God.

Discussion on Personal Values: Likewise, some of her tension had originated from pressure from the Church, which I myself is a member of. Although Ethical issues in counseling essay is my personal conviction that Christianity is a solution to human agony, I should always be sensitive and aware of the difference between myself and a pastor or even a pastoral counsellor.

Values — Definitions and its relevance to Counselling Values are the moral principles and beliefs or accepted standards of a person or a social group Collins English Dictionary,p.

If so, they would have gone elsewhere. I agree that at times, certain boundary crossing could booster the morale of clients who are at the verge of breaking down.

Hence, if small gift exchange is a common practice in the church community and the clients take this as a requisite sign of concern, why not set a price limit on gift exchange, rather than banning it?

It would be better for the counsellor and Silbertrust to have discussed prior to and after the incidence, so that the motives of the counsellor, the response of Silbertrust could have been clarified and documented, to arrest further boundary crossing, once the immediate needs of Silbertrust had been met.

However, the problem of boundary violations lies in the difficulty for counsellors to predict prospectively how the therapeutic relationship would develop once a boundary has been crossed. Most professional organizations warn counsellors against involving themselves with boundary crossing and multiple relationships, as they might impair their judgment, objectivity, and provision of effective services, resulting in possible blurred boundaries, exploitation and harm to their clients Corey, G.

Counsellors have traditionally been trained to keep their values free from influencing their clients. This has increased the opportunity of multiple relationships and role blending when my client is also my student, or even a member of the same Church. I found it easier to decide on my therapeutic approach, based on my understanding of the Church practice.

One of my clients suffered from early stage depression, characterized by self reproach, low self esteem, and social withdrawal.

Ethical Issues in Counselling

Include a discussion of: My duty is to provide them with options to different values Parrott,be it religion, philosophies, or others, until they have established their own value systems, which would enable them to deal with various issues.

Hence, if similar multiple relationships are frequently reviewed, discussed, informed and consented by my client, and well documented; it is ethical and beneficial to the therapy.

I would also use religious values as an example, to discuss the relevance and irrelevance of sharing personal values under different circumstances. A licensed psychologist, Silbertrust uses her experience as a client in psychotherapy to demonstrate the blurred difference between boundary crossing and boundary violation.

According to Sonnep. When put into context, it is usually more difficult for us to judge if a boundary crossing is unethical than by simply defining it or banning it.

However, sharing is different from instructing and guiding, not imposing values does not mean refusing to discuss values, ethics or philosophies Patterson, Ethics are more than codes and taboos. I am quite convinced of the advantages of certain multiple relationships, which have been thoroughly analyzed and discussed with the clients, the Church and the School, and which are well demarcated by clear boundaries.

Therapists were supposed to be neutral and uninvolved until the second half of this century Patterson, Counseling is an amalgamation of science, art and morality Parrott,the goal of which is to help clients find meaning, goals and wholeness of life.

It would be against my therapeutic goals if I satisfy their immediate needs by instructing them what to do, without respecting their autonomy or helping them to make independent and responsible choices. In this way, religious value is a means to an end, rather than an end itself, as long as clients are open to reject or accept it.

Although counselling cannot start from a vacuum, counsellors should not fill the gap with their own aggressiveness, needs and wants. However, what is the difference between me and her friends, who would just react in the same way as I wanted to? Counsellors with strong needs to please others, tolerance of ambiguity, narcissism, need for control and risk-taking are more vulnerable to develop multiple relationship.

Helminiak argued for a secular spirituality from a naturalistic approach, in which theological elements have been extracted, in his belief that discussing religious issues with clients is biased and imposing. Introduction Professional counsellors are increasingly mindful not to step on the mines of unethical practices.Ethical issues in counseling Essays: OverEthical issues in counseling Essays, Ethical issues in counseling Term Papers, Ethical issues in counseling Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Draft language for a proposed organizational standard for ethical decision making. This should describe a step-by-step process for making critical decisions about potential ethical issues faced by counselors.

The topic of this paper focuses on the battles school counselors face as the law and ethical standards collide. School counselors face a number of legal and ethical issues and recognizing a clear decision isn’t always easy.

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Free Essay: Respect for People’s Rights and Dignity An ethical issue arises when the counselor failed to form a counseling plan with the client. Clients. In no more than 3, words you are required to complete an essay on ethical issues in the practice of counseling, by addressing the following question: What are the two ethical issues which are likely to be the most concerning for you personally in your counseling work?

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