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The Open University itself is one of the glorious legacies of the s, when the Labour Party of Prime Educating rita coursework questions Harold Macmillan made accessibility for all to the highest standards of secondary education a political priority in Britain.

We will wait for your next order. Russell depicts the initial struggles that people who have not had a private school start to the education system.

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She is already making excuses, either for her apparent limited education or the fact that she is going to have to at some point leave her life behind her. Once a year, usually in summer, students gathered at the central campus in Milton Keynes for seminars and further study, advancing through a series of exams to the point of earning a degree.

Her development and determination is key to the plot. We see that so far, in her educational transition, she has managed to get past her first fear of starting the course, to now being accepted as one of them.

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Assisting people to Strive towards a better career and future. This could also be Russell showing the audience how nervous Rita is to start her journey.

Russell also saw, that in his traditional city, that women were not given the opportunities and equal rights, that most women in society have access to today. The playwright, Willy Russell seems to be a part of this generation in Liverpool, wanting to get ahead but with financial times being hard, he felt the push.

This shows since feeling completely left outside, she now desperately wants to become one of them, by living the way they do and studying the same way that they do as well. Submit the paper details, upload files, and provide contact information — you are almost done! One accent that is quintessentially northern and can trace its unique sound to migrants to the industrial hub, especially Irish potato famine victims.

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These are generalisations that have come from what she has heard over her own opinion. He was a hairdresser, and with one O-level he saw that with the financial crisis of the time, it would be hard to make ends meet, whilst he was still cutting hair.

Also in this scene she has found a new problem, not with the door — but the window. At the summer camp she is so desperate to fit in with other students that she picks up a random book from a shelf.

The aspirational journey of Educating Rita reflects the semi-autobiographical story of playwright Willy Russell.

She also seems to have a better relationship with her parents, as her mother has invited her over to celebrate Christmas. Showing the English of person one would suspect to have limited intelligence.

She starts the play with a very strong and prominent scouse accent.

Educating Rita

His roots moulded his being, and therefore you see that he shows the concerns of the working classes that might not be seen or highlighted, in a political system populated with Oxbridge graduates, and British society that looks up to upper class figures such as the Royal Family.Educating Rita is a dramatic comedy play written by Willy Russell surrounding a twenty six year old working class woman Rita White, on a quest to achieve education.

Educating Rita only focuses on two main characters. This is not normally used because a really good plot would be needed to keep the audience interested.

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The advantage of this is the audience can easily see and understand the relationship between the. Educating Rita Coursework. Home / Free Essays / Liverpool, in the ’s was hit by a financial low point; with high rates of unemployment and thousands fleeing the city for better job and life prospects elsewhere.

This coupled with rising tuition fees for universities, made it harder for people in the city to try and better themselves.

Includes: Model essay Essay planning sheet Quote investigation sheet Key Stage directions Questions. Feb 16,  · Okay, I'm about to start my Educating rita coursework, (Exam board AQA) GCSE. I was just wondering which direction to go in with it, I have three pieces of coursework to do, And this piece is required to show an understanding of the social, historical and cultural context in which takes place.

I have many questions that i can Status: Resolved. Educating Rita is a satirical and humorous analysis of the social class differences in our society.

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Insightfully and with great drama, Willy Russell depicts the chasms which exist in our highly socially stratified society.

Educating rita coursework questions
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