Causes of student failure

If you have 60 minutes to answer 60 questions and you spend 2 minutes on each question. Explanatory answers should be written properly containing all the idea regarding answer in proper way. While the consequences of not helping may seem dire, the lesson you are teaching may out-weigh those consequences.

How is it possible to successfully sit for an exam you virtually know nothing of? For some children, the very thought of not being able to succeed is enough to stop them from attempting at all.

In some cases, there may be an undiagnosed learning disability. A computer science student whose interest lays so much in photography will find it difficult to read and pass CSC One of the reasons why students fail exams is lack of interest. Allowing them to suffer the consequences of achieving a lower grade for having missed an assignment or failed to prepare adequately for a test may actually benefit your child in the long-run.

Learning a new skill or a new subject may not always be easy. Explain yourself to the supervisor the reasons for coming late, locate your seat, collect your question paper and answer sheet and try to put yourself in one piece.

You end up writing poorly under a very short time. One of the reasons why students fail exams is their financial power. Usually student may not know how to create helpful study notes which results in their getting low marks in exam.

As learners, some children seem to have a keen ability to adapt to every situation; others are thrown by the smallest change in routine. Children should always feel welcome to ask for help, but as they get older, they should become less dependent on your help.

If a solid foundation is laid in elementary school, the average student, will slowly take on more independence and by the end of middle school should be able to prepare for tests, complete assignments and study for tests with little prodding.

If you have the mind-set that you will fail, no matter the effort you put in it, you will end up failing. The preparation for exam must be initiated right from the first day of the session including attending lectures, studying by yourself, writing study notes, selecting good books.

Some students are just too engaged in one activity or the other that they have no time to figure out why they are too engaged. If a student gets low marks in exam or does not qualify his exam, it means he ignores focusing on one or more of these factors.

Many students are underachievers; although capable of completing their school work, they lack the initiative or motivation to succeed. Each child must know he or she is responsible for their own learning: Procrastination is the thief of time, another big reason why students fail. Students have many activities other than studies as well, i.

From the earliest age, children must know that we all learn from our failures and then move on. Failure to follow instructions in an examination hall would be your own undoing.

Causes of Student’s Failure or getting Less Marks in the Exam

Students who routine leave books or homework at school must learn cause and effect for their behavior. The younger a student can begin developing organized study habits, the better prepared they will be for the transition from high school to college — two very different worlds.

A student going for a calculation based exam without a calculator or a technical drawing exam without a pencil or ruler. Still, too much help in these areas may result in a pull-back by the special education team, who should be the primary agent in helping your child to master these skills.Aysan() in his study about the perceived causes of academic failure among students at the College of Education, University of Buca, found that psychological problems ranked third among the factors considered most significant.

The root causes of student academic failure are problems within the family, learning disabilities, and distractions from fashion and social trends. The first root causes of student academic failure are typically problems within the student’s family.A large portion of all students have or have had an upsetting experience with their family members.

Izaz Bin Azam, The Daily Star, Dhaka, 29 November Why a huge number of students fail in English is really a matter of great concern. English is compulsory subject at all levels of our education. Yet many fail in the public examinations.

Certainly there are many causes of students’ failure in English in our country. Why students fail to succeed in school: Fear of failure and lack of self confidence.

A lack of self-esteem or confidence can prevent a student from building on his or her strengths. Too much confidence can prevent a student from.

Student Failure Cause #2: Fear. The first reason for failure dealt with a student’s skills. These next three reasons deal with motivation, the first of which is fear.

Fear in students manifests in two primary ways.

The Top Five Reasons Why Students Fail To Succeed In School

First, some students are afraid of failure. For these students, putting forward all your effort into your school work can only result in one of. Causes of Student’s Failure or getting Less Marks in the Exam It is aim of every student to qualify his examination getting highest marks. Every student strives a lot to achieve success in his exam; still many students may suffer from getting low marks or even getting failed in their exams.

Causes of student failure
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