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More devastating, however, was that the Jews were no longer citizens of Germany. Without this stamp, Polish citizens would be refused re-entry into Poland. This list of activities mentions that the fire brigade had been restricted from spraying water on Jewish houses.

This might not give a clear, full picture what happened making the source more reliable. It could be unreliable because it was signed anonymously so it could have been by someone who was unduly biased against the Nazis, which would give him reason to criticise them wherever he could.

Slowly, Germany began putting more and more restrictions on Jews? It does not state specifically who did it. It shows this by having a Nazi soldier with a sword in his hand, standing over a dead citizen.

Then I briefly speak in that vein to the Party leadership. The similarities between these two sources are many. It was a long process of demeaning Jews as subhuman. Cause and effect of kristallnacht essay man is looking away from the burning and destruction behind him and away from the dead man below him and the female prisoner.

All are instantly at the phones. It makes Source C seem more accurate because it says it was the Nazis, like Source C, and it was very reliable. Their jobs instead consisted of small steps that led to an overall horrible conclusion whether it involved confiscating property, scheduling trains, proposing bills, laws and legislation, or compiling lists all these tasks could be performed without actually confronting the reality of the genocide being performed.

In order to express his anger and frustration and protest the persecution in Germany, Grynszpan acted out against the Nazis. Source E is reliable and it blames the Nazis. This clearly paints a picture of the banality of evil so frequently brought up in discussions about World War Two and the Third Reich.

The ropes show they have been stopped from being able to do anything to prevent this, although not necessarily by force, as fear was often the Nazis greatest weapon. It was when the government of Germany encouraged its people to loot and burn Jewish shops, synagogues, and schools.

Events Leading Up to Kristallnacht

He has a sword in his hand and a dead person lying on the ground between his legs so presumably, he has murdered him with the sword.

Any publication from a company or government would be biased in favour of that company of government because they want to make themselves look good. Grynszpan did not get a shot at the Ambassador, but he did shoot the Third Secretary in the German Embassy in Paris, Ernst von Rath, who died two days later.

The attacks that he made must have also been very destructive because he is standing next to, or on top of, a pile of broken furniture and murdered people, amongst other things, which are as tall as his knees — there must have been lots of destruction for it to be so high.

The source is quite reliable because Goering would have had a good idea of what was going one inside the Nazi party because he was a chief Nazi.

He is situated in a cloud, which gives him a Gold-like figure and he has a message. This allowed the Nazi party to lie that the public caused the riots to confuse people, without it looking too obvious that they had lied.

Furious, Grynszpan bought a pistol and some bullets on November 6th, and on November 7th, went to the German Embassy with a plan to kill the Ambassador. In The Nuremberg Race Laws were passed. The Polish government issued a decree stating that the citizenship of Poles living abroad would be annulled unless these Poles received a special stamp from Polish officials by October 31st.

This assassination was used as an excuse by Hitler and the Nazis to further persecute the Jews by dedicating an entire night to the destruction of Jewish properties, synagogues, and Jewish life itself.

This makes the source more unreliable.

What was the main cause of Kristallnacht - Assignment Example

Cause and Effect of Kristallnacht The Holocaust was a great tragedy, but it didn? While crowds set fire to stores and synagogues, firemen stood by and watched, only putting out the fire when it threatened to spread to German buildings.

This gives the impression that it was an organised attack and was organised by Nazi officials SS men and Stormtroopers made to look like ordinary members of the public.

It is also a summary written by another historian, who, in his summary might have missed some important points out, which might be useful to us. It gave him the excuse for the government to condone mass destruction of Jewish property and businesses.

This is what led to Kristallnacht. The law stated at the time: This source is unreliable. Source A is reliable because the historian who wrote this was at the dinner and it was written afterwhen they were no governmental pressures to make the Nazis look either really good or really bad.

Together they came to be known as the Nuremberg Laws and served as the basis for the exclusion of Jews from German society and for all subsequent anti-Jewish legislation enacted during the Third Reich.

This claims that Goebbles destroyed the property so it was not the fault of the German public but his. Source F shows this by a Nazi figure, standing next to or on top of rubble and carrying a sword dripping with blood.

They were put on trains to the Polish border, and were dropped off at the station in Zbaszyn, without permission to enter either country.Kristallnacht Pogrom, Causes and Consequences.

The year saw a horrific radicalization of the anti-Jewish policy of the Nazi regime. The change began with the events surrounding the annexation of Austria to Germany (the Anschluss), which was accompanied by unprecedented attacks on the Jews of Vienna.

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kristallnacht Order Description essay question: What was the relationship between popular anti-Semitic action and Nazi policy around the time of the Kristallnacht?

Discuss with particular reference to Samuel Honaker’s despatches and the transcript of the discussion of the aftermath of the Kristallnacht that Herman Goering chaired on 12.

Events Leading Up to Kristallnacht. What led to the Night of Broken Glass?

Kristallnacht Essay

Hitler came into power in with a plan- to expand Germany’s rule and to. Cause and Effect of Kristallnacht The Holocaust was a great tragedy, but it didn't happen overnight. It was a long process of demeaning Jews as subhuman.

Free Essay: Cause and Effect of Kristallnacht The Holocaust was a great tragedy, but it didn't happen overnight. It was a long process of demeaning Jews as.

Cause and effect of kristallnacht essay
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