An illusion of a utopia in the story the ones who walk away from omelas by ursula guin

Per-arc the illusion is shattered as well as mentioned with Dressrosa and Skypieawhere a magical island will have dark histories of racism, war, or infiltration by government agents. When the brother of such an innocent is taken, he cannot let this custom continue and rescues him.

Then you remember that the story started when a noble arbitrarily decided to force a commoner to become his concubine and her reaction implied something like this was anything but uncommon. See also City in a Bottlewhere Crystal Spires and Togas meets Government Conspiracyand Soiled City on a Hillwhich can be a former Shining City that retains its shiny exterior even though its heart has become corrupt and rotten.

Only the brothers and their father are safe as they leave, praying that they will have the strength to resist the temptation of such a Deal with the Devil. Comic Books Discussed in Transformers: Stella Loussier especially, once she takes control of the Destroy Gundam- a humongous Gundam by Gundam standards designed to level entire cities in a matter of minutes.

Equestria paints itself up as a paradise, but any veneer of niceness is easily broken if you dig deep enough.

Crapsaccharine World

In one arc of Silver Surferthe Surfer is conscripted to defend a massive, scientifically-impossible planet from the Queen of Nevers, the living embodiment of all possibility.

One enemy the Iron Queenwho usurped control of her robotics, tried to use this to kill her via overexertion. More than Meets the Eye when the crew visit the aptly-named planet Hedonia. In the Sailor Moon Super S movie, Queen Badiane wanted to use all of the children on Earth like this, kidnapping them and putting them on stasis to feed off their dreams.

If the seemingly perfect world is a full-on illusion, created to entrap or otherwise fool someone, then it is a Lotus-Eater Machine.

Crime is low, people are living their lives, and the Batfamily is operating in the daylight and wearing bright, inspiring costumes. A thief in The Unwritten finds himself turned into a rabbit and transported into a magical Winnie-the-Pooh -like forest setting with other Talking Animals.

However, it does have an undercity which more accurately reflects the crappy state of the world outside. But most people are illiterate, masters regularly abuse their servants, and non-humans are 2nd class citizens.

The last few arcs, where the Games Club forges a stronger bond and resists the insanity, have them resort to nonlethal and sometimes even nonviolent tactics to protect the village and their friends.

In a filler arc the Infinity Clock requires a Celestial Mage as a sacrifice to fully work. And to a greater extent, the entire DC Universewhich is full of fantastic worlds and costumed heroes with amazing abilities and origins, but also psychotic supervillains and other megalomaniacs from all over the galaxy who threaten the world and even the universe on a regular basis.

No matter how idealistic or romantic a world may be at first, once the corruption of the World Government became prominent in the storyline, One Piece struggled really hard to not cross the Crapsack World line.

In the Guardians of the Galaxy series, the alien Universal Church of Truth powers its technology with "Belief Engines", generators that draw on the faith of its legion of worshippers.

Powered by a Forsaken Child

Even the former leader of the Shi Hassaikai was appalled by the lengths Overhaul was going to in order to gain power. Whether this outcome is Crapsaccharine or just Saccharine is seemingly left up to the audience.

Fan Fiction The Conversion Bureau. Sound of the Sky takes place for the most part, in a lush, incredibly beautiful mountain village where people live fairly happy lives.

In fact, Everett Ducklair is a fugitive from it. But at the same time this status quo is portrayed as idealistic and romantic in its own way: Knight Errant abducted every child in his domain, so that he could instill despair in their hearts that, when harnessed by an ancient Sith artifact, would drive every living thing in the galaxy, and possibly the entire universe, into a murderous frenzy, leaving him the only person in existence.

The world is peaceful because crime and war etc. Everything from Celestia being depicted as an oppressive tyrant to Pinkie Pie having some rather unpalatable hobbies turn up regularly.

The bad guys in the series are the Virtual Ghosts of some of the test subjects. The events are later revisited in the short prose story "Firm Commitments", told from the point of view of a scientist who discovers the immense thermodynamics-breaking potential of Mutant neurons, gets involved with events far greater than himself, and has his life ruined as a result.

He is so irradiated that he needs to be quarantined so that his energy can be safely released. He got out, and corrupts every world he touches ever since. Sure, the series is a Psychological Horror and every arc starts with happiness and fun and ends with horrors. The Ryugu Shelter in 7 Seeds is a gorgeous, beautiful underground amusement park that includes comfortable bedrooms, all sorts of entertainment ranging from sports to music to arts and crafts, and you even have some celebrities and entertainers to enjoy!

They do, however, paint their entire gigantic altar red with chicken blood as part of the ceremony. Eggman captures Mobians in them and uses their life force for power.

Friendship Is Magic fan works seem particularly prone to this, possibly because the world is shown to be a Sugar Bowl but is also full of dangerous mythological monsters.

However, Celestial Being, Katharon, and anybody else capable looking beyond the surface know the truth: They blasted open a dome on the forehead and remove Those colorful, happy, whimsical circus shows that get put on from town to town?

The ponies are willing parties to the genocide of humanity One of them turns out to be a telepath.Aggressive Retsuko is done in Sanrio's usual cutesy chibi style, but doesn't shy away from how stressful Retsuko's life is and how much working under Director Ton sucks.; In Berserk, an already dark and depressing series, we meet Rosine, a Dark Magical Girl who transformed a crater's valley in a realm for elves filled with birds, butterflies, flowers and evergreen meadows.

A bit of Fridge Horror for this one but watch the Cap'n Crunch Commercials: To make the transition from live to cartoon via Crunitize they are turned into the cereal, so does that mean the cereal is made of little children who couldn't survive Crunitizeing?

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An illusion of a utopia in the story the ones who walk away from omelas by ursula guin
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