Academic writing examples sentences with although

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions of fair use. Immigration serves as an important source of both skilled and unskilled labour in the UK which has come to depend on migrants to plug gaps in its skilled professions and to do jobs that the local population are unwilling to do.

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Link two related sentences to each other so that one carries the main idea and the other is no longer a complete sentence subordination. There are several advantages to living and working in a small town. Join complete sentences, clauses, and phrases with conjunctions: Alternate sources of energy are only now being sought.

Combine Sentences With Conjunctions: This meant having a strong navy so the Germans spent a considerable amount of time and effort building up its naval force. Air pollution in London is the worst in the world for number of reasons.

70 useful sentences for academic writing

Second, Canada has a high standard of education. During the years of the Thatcher governments Britons experienced cuts in welfare payments and drastic legal restrictions on trade unions.

The university is not building any new garages. Doonesbury cartoons satirize contemporary politics. This material may not be published, reproduced, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without permission. Britain responded to this threat to its dominance by strengthening its navy even further. This resource presents methods for adding sentence variety and complexity to writing that may sound repetitive or boring.

Canadian cities have many parks and lots of space for people to live. If your writing contains lots of short sentences that give it a choppy rhythm, consider these tips.

Not only do students miss the human interaction with other students, they also find the time lag in getting answers to their questions very frustrating. Students are taught by well-trained teachers and are encouraged to continue studying at university.

Although the US has been highly dependent on foreign oil for many years, alternate sources are only now being sought.

The campus parking problem is getting worse because the university is not building any new garages. Public industries were sold off to private investors in the belief that the free market would deliver prosperity to all.If your writing contains lots of short sentences that give it a choppy rhythm, consider these tips.

1. Combine Sentences With Conjunctions: Notice in these examples that the location of the clause beginning with the dependent marker (the connector word) is flexible.

Using Foreign Languages in Academic Writing in English. Introduction.

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Conjunctions are parts of speech that connect words, phrases, clauses, or sentences. There are three kinds of conjunctions: coordinating, paired, and subordinating. For more information about conjunctions, also see Compound Sentences, Varying Sentence Structure, and Comma Basics.

The passive voice is useful in academic writing because it allows writers to highlight the most important participants or events within sentences by placing them at the beginning of the sentence.

Use the passive voice when. Academic writing: sentence level Sentences • In academic writing, every sentence you write must be grammatically complete. Examples: 2 Although the result of the study was inconclusive, the committee decided to implement the policy.

Although the result of the study was inconclusive, dependent clause. Sample Candidate Writing Scripts and Examiner Comments Both the Academic and General Training Writing Modules consist of two tasks, Task 1 and Task. Keep in mind that, within each group, some examples are slightly more formal / less frequent than others.

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Academic writing examples sentences with although
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